Look at the different pictures and try to figure out the 4 differences in each one! Check out each stunning picture and make sure you study it carefully! See how observant you are!

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Test your ability to quickly locate clues and unique items in our Hidden Object games! Hidden object games are typically very mysterious and require you to examine multiple environments with lots of hidden clues. In our hidden object games, you'll have to search each scene and find enough objects to unlock a clue to the next location. You'll have to quickly discern which objects are important and which are useless. Sometimes you'll be timed, and other times you'll have infinite time, so practice the more relaxed games first and move your way up to the more challenging games!

Sometimes, you'll be searching for rare artifacts in various foreign locales. Search ancient pyramids, exotic jungles, and more! Other times you'll be trying to solve various crimes using the clues at your disposal. You'll have to figure out which clues can help you solve the case quickly!

If you just want practice finding objects without a storyline, we also feature many games where you must spot the difference between two pictures. These games are typically very challenging, but they offer something different than the typical hidden object game! You'll be presented with two seemingly matching photos, but in reality there will be several differences. See if you can complete each challenge before time runs out!

Game Tip! - Most of our timed hidden object games will have a hint button that will point out one of the objects you are looking for. Don't hesitate to use this hint because it usually recharges throughout the round!

Random Fun Fact! - Hidden Object Games are just one type of point and click game. If you love mysteries, solving logical puzzles, and finding objects, then definitely check out our extensive library of Escape Games!