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  • Heavy Trucks Race Game - (96% Like It) Drag race down the dirt roads as you try to beat out the other 18 wheelers in Heavy Truck Race! You'll have to avoid obstacles, collect powerups and focus on maintaining control of your truck if you want to win! Use the money you earn to purchase upgrades and other perks!
  • Delivery Steam Train Game - (93% Like It) Race down the track as you try to deliver important materials to each warehouse in Delivery Steam Train! You'll have to be a talented conductor if you want to survive the bumpy ride! Make sure you don't drop too many supplies or you'll have to try again!
  • TG Motocross 3 Game - (91% Like It) Travel to the land down-under and get ready to bike over some rocky mountains in TG Motocross 3: Australia!
  • Fast Buggy Game - (91% Like It) Head offroad in your buggy and see how long you can survive in Fast Buggy! You'll have to upgrade your buggy and buy newer versions if you want to reach the end of the forest! Perform stunts and blast through obstacles to earn money!
  • Box 10 ATV Game - (91% Like It) Get ready to race through the desert canyons and mountains in Box 10 ATV! See how fast you can race your ATV as you pop over boulders, hills, and dangerous rocky cliffs! Try not to crash!
  • 54 Dead Miles Game - (91% Like It) See if you can make it 54 long miles as you cross through zombie infested plains! Use the money that you earn from plowing down zombies to upgrade your engine, fuel capacity and tires! If you earn enough money, you can buy a completely new truck to get you even further through the country!
  • Earn To Die 2012 Game - (90% Like It) Mow down zombies as you try to escape the desert in your suped up vehicle in Earn to Die 2012! Unlock new cars, levels, car parts, and massive guns as you kill more zombies! See how long you can survive before your vehicle breaks down!
  • Alpine Trick Racer Game - (90% Like It) Race on a supercharged snowmobile as you plow through the snow in Alpine Tricky Racer! Jump massive ramps and then see how many stunts you can pull off! Make sure you land correctly or you'll risk having your snowmobile explode!
  • Traffic Trouble Game - (90% Like It) The year is 2312 and robots have taken over most of the jobs! In Traffic Trouble, you must prove that you are better at your job than any robot by helping to control all the stoplights in the city! Don't let anyone get in an accident or sit too long at a stoplight!
  • Uphill Rush 3 Game - (90% Like It) Race all sorts of crazy vehicles including skateboards, bikes, cars and even farm animals as you compete on courses from around the world in Uphill Rush 3! Collect points and money from each race as you perform stunts to unlock crazy upgrades! There are multiple cups to compete in, so see if you can unlock all of them!
  • ATV Blitz Game - (90% Like It) Find out how well you handle a powerful ATV while you race through ancient ruins in ATV Blitz! Do tricks to earn more points and complete different challenges to really show your skills! Unlock new tracks and ATVs as you complete each challenge!
  • Army Tank Racing Game - (90% Like It) Race around a massive tank as you try to wipe out your opponents in Army Tank Racing! Watch up for powerups on the track and avoid certain spots that will slow you down! Try a career race or just do a single quick race!
  • Street Wheels 2 Game - (90% Like It) Get ready for a wild race in Street Wheels 2! Pick out your driver, your sports car and your track and then get ready to burn some rubber as you compete against other pimped out cars. Watch out for powerups to give you that extra boost!
  • Farm Delivery Game - (90% Like It) You'll have to carefully cross the farm as you drop off the crops from the field to the barn in Farm Delivery! You'll earn more points by holding on to more crops and by delivering them quickly! See if you can pass all 8 levels!
  • Snowmobile Racing Game - (89% Like It) Plow through the snow as you zip along on your snowmobile! In Snowmobile Racing, you'll have to compete against other tough competitors as you race for first place! Earn awesome new snowmobiles as you win more races!
  • Crash Them All Game - (89% Like It) Create as much havoc as possible as you destroy everything around you in Crash Them All! You are tired of the traffic jams and being late so now it's time to drive your car as fast as you can into traffic! Buy tons of upgrades and unlock over 30 cars as you complete more achievements!
  • Battle Boards Race Game - (89% Like It) Battle it out against 2 opponents as you race to become the Battle Board champion in this great skate flash game! Buy upgrades, new clothes and more as you build up your reputation! Look for camera boxes to take some awesome pictures as you fly by in each race!
  • Flash Car GT Game - (89% Like It) Play Flash Tuning Car GT and pimp out your dream car! Choose between a high end sports car, a classic muscle car or several other models and then get ready to change out the window tint, paint, rims and more! Print your car at the end to show it off!
  • Getaway Game - (89% Like It) You are the driver for a criminal enterprise and you'll have show your skills in Getaway! Wait for instructions of where to pick up your gang after a heist and then drop them off at the safehouse without getting caught! Avoid the cops as best as you can and try not to get busted!
  • Big Truck 2 Game - (89% Like It) In Big Truck Adventures 2 you must drive your delivery truck to each drop off station without losing all your cargo! Drive through the bumpy farmlands as you deliver packages, water, logs and more. Watch your speed and the crazy hills because if you lose to much cargo it'll be game over!
  • Dead Paradise 2 Game - (89% Like It) Race through over 20 different missions as you try to survive a barren apocalyptic wasteland in your deadly armored car! You'll have to avoid raiders, bandits, and other deadly gangs by racing across each level as fast as possible in Dead Paradise 2! Make sure to upgrade your vehicle after each level so that you have a better chance of survival!
  • Offroad Challenge Game - (89% Like It) Jump into a jacked up jeep, a rugged Nissan or a comfortable BMW SUV as you race over mountains, streams and more in Offroad Challenge! Each level will change, so you never have the same course twice! See if you can unlock every offroad course!
  • Made In Mafia Game - (89% Like It) You have just joined the mob and your mafia boss Marconi has dozens of delivery jobs for you to complete! Take down the rival Buritano family while completing different missions! You'll have to boost up your car with better gunners, armor and parts if you want to survive each job!
  • Rage Truck Game - (89% Like It) Take your anger out on the city in Rage Truck by crushing barrels, running over people, and destroying tons of objects in this cool racing flash game! Make sure to continually hit objects to increase your rage meter! See if you can make the evening news by destroying enough stuff!
  • War Machine Game - (89% Like It) You are in the middle of the desert and it is up to you to rescue the stranded soldiers! Patrol the city streets and keep on the lookout for each soldier. Make sure run over all the enemies on the way!
  • Earn To Die Game - (89% Like It) In Earn to Die, you must survive the zombie apocalypse and the only way to make it is to drive to the nearest helicopter that is about a mile away! Scrape together car parts, guns, and more as you attempt to reach safety! Run over, shoot, and dismember zombies for extra car part money!
  • Taxi Mania Park Game - (89% Like It) Drive your cab around the city and try to find a good parking spot to drop off your passengers! In Taxi Mania Parking you'll have to navigate through crowded parking lots and busy streets to find a perfect spot! Make sure you don't damage the car too much or your boss will get angry!
  • Super Viper Game - (89% Like It) You have been given a list of enemies who are trying to escape the country! Race down the highway in your Super Viper and then see if you can knock them off the road! Make sure you side swipe each car to minimize the damage you receive!
  • Desert Challenge Game - (89% Like It) Head into the desert and challenge yourself on several offroad courses! Ride your dirtbike into the sunset as you try to conquer each challenging level! See if you can pass all 8 courses!
  • Rage Truck 2 Game - (89% Like It) You are in the middle of a heat wave and you need to race through traffic to buy a new AC! Create a path of destruction as you race your truck over cars, buildings and other obstacles in Rage Truck 2! See if you can pass through each level and get the "mad meter" all the way to the top!
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