Explore the Amazon and find the treasures of the Aztecs by matching 3 of the same jewels! You'll have a long journey so work quickly to match each line of jewels! See if you can survive each increasingly difficult level!

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Games like Bejeweled took the world by storm and made jewel matching games extremely popular. BallerArcade was quick to pick up on this trend and added an endless amount of jewel and match 3 type games. The early games required you to line up three or more matching gems. Over the years, our jewel matching games have evolved into something much more challenging. Most games now require you to think carefully about your moves. You'll be faced with timers, unbreakable objects, special challenges and much more! Sometimes you'll get a powerup that will clear out entire rows and columns, so make sure you use them to your advantage!

Game Tip - Most games will give you more points for bigger groups of matches. Save one color or one type of jewel and try to clear out the rest. Once you clear out as much as you can, you'll have a huge match leftover on the board and get tons of points!

Random Fun Fact - Jewel games gave rise to lots of other matching games! Try searching for “match 3" or “matching" into our search bar to find even more games you may like! Also make sure to try our Bubble Games which rival our jewel games in popularity!