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  • Inferno ATV Challenge Game - (100% Like It) Race across the volcanic courses as you try to reach first place in Inferno ATV Challenge! You'll have to avoid getting beaten by the other racers and avoid dangerous obstacles! Unlock new parts and new ATVs as you complete each race!
  • Forest ATV Challenge Game - (100% Like It) Race against other ATVs as you go offroad in Forest ATV Challenge! You'll have to keep an eye on your competition and make sure you stay in the lead if you want to unlock new ATV parts and upgrades!
  • Desert ATV Challenge Game - (90% Like It) Challenge other racers as you compete offroad in Desert ATV Challenge! You'll have to cross crazy canyons, complete big jumps and steady yourself as you hop over obstacles if you want to win! Use the money you earn from each race to upgrade your ATV!
  • Jungle ATV Game - (90% Like It) Jump on your ATV and get ready to ride through the jungle at break-neck speeds!
  • Quad Trials Game - (90% Like It) Race your ATV over some crazy trails as you jump construction equipment, rocks, and other massive obstacles! You will face alot of dangers including massive lakes, huge cliffs, and unstable logs! See if you can make it through all 5 Quad Trials to prove your riding abilities!
  • Box 10 ATV Game - (90% Like It) Get ready to race through the desert canyons and mountains in Box 10 ATV! See how fast you can race your ATV as you pop over boulders, hills, and dangerous rocky cliffs! Try not to crash!
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Get off the main highways and race through canyons, backwood trails and the country roads on your brand new ATV! You will have a chance to feel the full power of these loaded 4x4s as you race over logs, speed through creek beds and fly through mud! Race against the clock or against an opponent, or just see how well you can handle crossing endless obstacles!

You may have a death wish if you tried these crazy ATV stunts in real life! You will have the chance to safely attempt daredevil stunts and hit insane speeds on your 4wheeler! ATV racing has never been so fun! You can smoke your opponent in the dust, or, if you are not careful, end up hitting a tree and flying off! You never know what is going to be around that next corner, so keep a good eye out for anything that might damage your four wheeler! Rocks, mud, logs, and branches may not seem that bad, but if you hit them at speeds over 60 MPH! If the forest is too tough for you, then do not worry! You can always try out the other ATV courses which include mountains, deserts, grassy snow fields and more!

The awesome thing about ATV racing, is that you have no traffic to compete with! Its just you, and sometimes a group of competitors, racing against time and nature to reach the finish line first! Obstacles, mud, and the occasional river will not stop you! On the other hand, our offroad games let you go further than the forests! You will have a chance to take your ATV into the city and run over cars, destroy property and generally cause destruction! Cruise through landfills destroying leftover junk, or hit the main roads and run over as much as you can! Do not forget to throw in some extra stunts and tricks to impress your fellow riders! You will score big points and prove you are the best ATV rider out there!

Ride through the mean city streets on your atv, perform cool atv stunts, or just leisurely motorbike through your favorite atv course in any of our awesome Bike ATV Games!

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