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  • Big Truck 2 Game - (89% Like It) In Big Truck Adventures 2 you must drive your delivery truck to each drop off station without losing all your cargo! Drive through the bumpy farmlands as you deliver packages, water, logs and more. Watch your speed and the crazy hills because if you lose to much cargo it'll be game over!
  • Park My Big Rig 2 Game - (89% Like It) Safely drive your big truck in each construction zone as you try to find a good parking spot in Park My Big Rig 2! Drive tons of different trucks including dump trucks, delivery trucks, monster trucks and cement mixers! Watch out for other trucks, cones, building material and more as you maneuver through some very tight spots!
  • Big Foot Go Home Game - (89% Like It) A toy monster truck has been left behind by accident and he needs to find a way back to his rightful owner in Big Foot Go Home! You'll have to find coins to buy upgrades such as better controllers and the ability to go over the speed limit! See if you can complete each challenging level and get back to comfort of home!
  • Big Truck Madness Game - (88% Like It) The crazy obstacle courses in Monster Truck Madness are no match for your jacked up truck! Hit ramps, ride over cars, and perform stunts as you progress through each level. Good luck passing through these tough courses!
  • Big Truck Attacks Game - (87% Like It) Monster trucks are attempting to run over your city and its up to you to stop them in any way possible! Play Monster Truck Attacks and use guns, rocks, bombs and more to stop the oncoming horde of trucks! Use the money you earn during each level to upgrade your defenses!
  • Big Truck Rampage Game - (87% Like It) Race through each level in your jacked up monster truck as you battle it against tons of enemies! Shoot down enemy vehicles, soldiers, UFOs, tanks and more as you proceed through each level in Monster Truck Rampage. See if you have what it takes to drive survive!
  • Big Truck Curfew Game - (85% Like It) Monster Truck Curfew - There are only 10 minutes left until your curfew. Hop in your trusty monster truck and get back before curfew and don't bother stopping for other cars, policemen, old ladies or anything else. Race that monster truck and get home!
  • Big Truck 3 Game - (83% Like It) Get into your jeep and then head off for a major offroad journey in Big Truck Adventures 3! Hit the nitrous on big hills to speed up them, grab some big air and get ready for some hard landings. See if you can complete each level before time runs out!
  • Crazy Big Trucks Game - (83% Like It) Race offroad, crush cars, and get first place on as many tracks as possible in Crazy Monster Trucks! Your driving skills will be tested to the max as you face tough competition! Try 4 different trucks to see which you like best!
  • Big Truck Trials Game - (83% Like It) Its your job to take out the monster truck out for a trial run before its released to be sold! Go test out the different abilities of these monster trucks. Perform stunts, catch big air and run through an obstacle course to fully test these trucks!
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