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Hang out with your favorite celebrity as they walk down the red carpet, attend movie premieres and go out on dates! You'll get a chance to give each movie star, model, and singer a complete makeover before they go out in front of the paparazzi and their adoring fans!

We have over 100+ games featuring celebrities of all types! Famous people always have to be ready to be in front of the camera, especially since they could end up on a tabloid at any given moment. It'll be very important to find the perfect haircut, makeup and style so that they look their best when in public. You'll have the chance to look through the trendiest wardrobes to find a great cutting-edge outfit. You'll also get to experiment with beautiful expensive makeup and hair products! You'll have thousands of combinations that you can create in each of our Celebrity Games!

Our games are very simple to play! For most of these games, you'll just have to look through each celebrity closet and pick out an outfit that you think would work well. Just click your mouse and drag it to the celebrity and the game will do the rest. Sometimes you'll have to find a specific outfit, but most of the time you'll get to experiment with any look you want. See if you can match an outfit that would suit each celebrity for their event!

Game Tip! - Each event will have different outfits. A movie premiere will offer different clothes and styles than a casual day in LA. Try to mix and match each outfit to fit the event!

Random Fun Fact! - While celebrity games are a very popular style of Makeover Games and Dressup Games, our Fashion Games will allow you to dress girls just like yourself in the trendiest clothes!