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Most of our cooking games are very easy to play! You'll follow the same technique whether you are grilling a hamburger, baking a cake or frying an egg. You'll be given a task and you'll use your mouse to click and drag the appropriate ingredients to the main prepping area. You'll have to carefully pour each ingredient together and then prep each food item before it can be cooked. If you follow the instructions perfectly, you'll get a great meal! Sometimes the ingredients will be hard to find, so make sure you look carefully around the kitchen. After you test out the online recipe, you'll sometimes get a real recipe for the meal you just made!

Some of our cooking games will require more than just prep work. You'll have to not only make each meal, but you'll have to run your own restaurant or food stand! In these games, it's important to make each customer happy by serving them both with the correct meal and by doing so in a timely manner! Click on each person to find what they want, and then relay that information to the kitchen. Once it's done, make sure you bring the meal to the patrons while it is still warm!

Game Tip! - Sometimes you'll be under pressure to cook each meal before time runs out. Make sure you scan the kitchen carefully to find the right ingredients. Other times you'll have to make sure that the food doesn't burn. Keep an eye any ovens, grills, or microwaves to make sure you don't overcook anything!

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