Race through the dirt trails in your jacked up crazy mustang! Roll over cars, trucks and other obstacles as you progress through each level. Collect the stars with your mustang to boost up your score!


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BallerArcade has over 100 different Monster Truck Games where you can smash, crash, and destroy everything in your path! You'll face tons of different types of gameplay including truck races, demolition derbies and offroad wheeling!

Monster Trucks are hard to stop with their massive wheels and powerful engines. You'll get to see just how unstoppable they are as you play each one of our games! There are several different types of monster truck games, but there are endless challenges. Sometimes you'll be driving through mud and dirt somewhere in the backwoods. In cases like this, the truck's gigantic tires will be a great asset! Some games will pit you against other monster trucks. You'll be using the powerful engines to push past other racers as you try to find the shortest path through the course. Other times, you'll just be destroying everything around you! Use the weight of the truck to flatten anything that stands in your path!

Game Tip! - When upgrading your monster truck, make sure you evenly distribute power, tires, and weight. You don't want to flip your truck!