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Design and decorate your own home with our free online Decorating Games! You'll have a chance to do more than a home makeover as you also tackle hotels, vacation cabins, restaurants and much more! You'll have to choose from new carpets, window treatments, doors, and of course furniture! Decided if you want something trendy, modern, antiquated, or practical in each of your homes!

You'll also have a chance to do more than interior decorating. Some of games will requireyou to design exciting things such new purses, shoes, and clothes. You'll have to choose new fabrics, different colors, and designs to create a new look!

These design and decorating games are extremely easy to learn! Most of the time you'll just need to point and click where you want furniture or objects to go. Sometimes you'll have to click and drag where you want things arranged. You can design a few new looks, and with a quick click of the mouse, completely rearrange everything!