Dragon Dices Solitaire is a unique version of Mahjongg that includes powerups, bosses and other challenges! Clear the board of each free tile by matching it with it's corresponding free tile. As you unlock more tiles, you'll be able to clear more out. As time goes on, you'll earn bonuses, extra points and more! Each level features 13 parts with a boss at the end!

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Mahjong is an ancient tile game that originally started by the Chinese, but now it is available here on! There are dozens of different variations of Mah Jongg, but one of the most popular is a matching based version. The goal of many of the games here on is to clear the board of all tiles. The way to do this is by matching each tile with it's pair that is also on the board. To be able to match it correctly, the two tiles cannot be blocked by another tile or covered in any way. While Mahjongg can take awhile to learn, once you figure it out, it can provide hours of relaxing entertainment!

Once you get the basic rules of Mahjong down, feel free to play a timed game that is based on how fast you can clear the board. You will get points based on accuracy and time it takes to complete each level. Once you get really good, try different layouts for an extra challenge! Some games constantly add new tiles, so you won't ever clear the board. The goal will be to just clear as much as possible before time runs out!

Random Fun Fact - Mahjong is our most popular style of tile games! We're constantly receiving new variations of Mahjong games, so keep coming back to see what we've added!