Stewie Griffin from Family Guy needs help getting dressed! Choose from all his evil outfits and try to find the one that suits him best!

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Taking care of a baby is difficult, but luckily you can practice with 100s of our different baby and babysitting games here on BallerArcade! You'll get to experience all aspects of taking care of a baby. You'll have to bathe, feed, and dress each baby so that all of their needs are taken care of! In most of our games, you'll have to deal with each baby before they throw a temper tantrum. You'll have to quickly find what the baby needs and then provide it before they become upset! Find toys, food, new clothes, and diapers before the timer runs out or otherwise you'll have a crying baby on your hands!

Some of the baby games are much more relaxed and you'll get to take your time as you care for each baby. You will get to just have fun and play with each baby at your own pace! Other games on BallerArcade are focused on preparing certain items for each baby. You'll have to make your own baby food, warm up bottles, and decorate the baby's room for when he arrives! No matter the type of baby game, you'll find plenty of them to choose from here on BallerArcade!

Game Tip! - In games where you must take care of the baby before time runs out, try to predict what they'll need next. This will save precious time and will keep your baby happy!