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  • Heavy Trucks Race Game - (96% Like It) Drag race down the dirt roads as you try to beat out the other 18 wheelers in Heavy Truck Race! You'll have to avoid obstacles, collect powerups and focus on maintaining control of your truck if you want to win! Use the money you earn to purchase upgrades and other perks!
  • Fast Buggy Game - (91% Like It) Head offroad in your buggy and see how long you can survive in Fast Buggy! You'll have to upgrade your buggy and buy newer versions if you want to reach the end of the forest! Perform stunts and blast through obstacles to earn money!
  • 54 Dead Miles Game - (91% Like It) See if you can make it 54 long miles as you cross through zombie infested plains! Use the money that you earn from plowing down zombies to upgrade your engine, fuel capacity and tires! If you earn enough money, you can buy a completely new truck to get you even further through the country!
  • Super Viper Game - (90% Like It) You have been given a list of enemies who are trying to escape the country! Race down the highway in your Super Viper and then see if you can knock them off the road! Make sure you side swipe each car to minimize the damage you receive!
  • Street Wheels 2 Game - (90% Like It) Get ready for a wild race in Street Wheels 2! Pick out your driver, your sports car and your track and then get ready to burn some rubber as you compete against other pimped out cars. Watch out for powerups to give you that extra boost!
  • Farm Delivery Game - (90% Like It) You'll have to carefully cross the farm as you drop off the crops from the field to the barn in Farm Delivery! You'll earn more points by holding on to more crops and by delivering them quickly! See if you can pass all 8 levels!
  • Crash Them All Game - (89% Like It) Create as much havoc as possible as you destroy everything around you in Crash Them All! You are tired of the traffic jams and being late so now it's time to drive your car as fast as you can into traffic! Buy tons of upgrades and unlock over 30 cars as you complete more achievements!
  • Flash Car GT Game - (89% Like It) Play Flash Tuning Car GT and pimp out your dream car! Choose between a high end sports car, a classic muscle car or several other models and then get ready to change out the window tint, paint, rims and more! Print your car at the end to show it off!
  • Getaway Game - (89% Like It) You are the driver for a criminal enterprise and you'll have show your skills in Getaway! Wait for instructions of where to pick up your gang after a heist and then drop them off at the safehouse without getting caught! Avoid the cops as best as you can and try not to get busted!
  • Big Truck 2 Game - (89% Like It) In Big Truck Adventures 2 you must drive your delivery truck to each drop off station without losing all your cargo! Drive through the bumpy farmlands as you deliver packages, water, logs and more. Watch your speed and the crazy hills because if you lose to much cargo it'll be game over!
Driving Games

Many people, especially in high volume cities, are used to driving in the streets. There are perhaps three types of people in terms of driving; people who can't drive, people who love driving, and people who hate driving. Regardless of that, anyone may still enjoy a driving car game however, because of the fun factor and the lack of real non-repairable damage to their selected cars. Driving games offer the ability to traverse cities, go through mountains, explore hidden tracks, or experience collisions that would not be possible in real life.

Driving games can offer a source of fantasy for people who still want to experience the joy of driving without the need to worry about real police or the rules of reality today. Some people may actually want that sense of reality, and will be able to find driving games that offer that type of game-play. Whatever the taste of a person, driving games can be diverse and offer a huge range of play options for those who are interested. People can have fun, be daring, and let go.

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