A new waitress has started working at a popular fast food restaurant and she needs your help surviving the experience! Help this waitress greet new customers, seat them, take their order and then hand them the bill! See if you can meet each objective for the day!

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There is no challenge greater than running your own restaurant and now you'll have the chance with our free online restaurant games! You'll do everything from seating customers, to making food, to running the business side of things! Buy extra tables and space with the profits you earn, or upgrade your kitchen supplies to make your food faster. You'll have to constantly stay on top of the demands of your customers if you want to be successful!

BallerArcade has several different types of restaurant games, but in most cases you will have to focus on 3 different types. One type will have you seating and serving customers as a waitress. In these type of games, you'll have to quickly run from customers as you serve their needs and then clear them out to make room for more patrons. Other games focus on the cooking aspect of the restaurant industry. You'll have to quickly prepare orders that the waitress sends your way. If you don't keep up, you won't keep your customers happy! The final type of restaurant game will have you running the actual restaurant! You'll have to order food supplies, keep the place running and decorate the restaurant! Sometimes you'll face all three types of games in one!

See if you can handle the pressure and have fun with our dozens of restaurant games!