Get ready for a battle of wits and skill as you compete against the computer in Flash Chess! Attempt to checkmate the opponent's king before his army can do the same to you! See how fast you can win!

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Chess is famous game known for testing the wits of both beginners and advanced players alike! You'll get a chance to test your skills with all of our fun chess games! In Chess, the goal is to conquer the board by taking out the opposing player's king piece. Each piece has it's own way of moving across the board, so you'll have to strategize and plan each of your moves carefully. If you don't know how to play chess, you can always turn on the hints and tips and then you'll be able to learn at your own pace! Some of our games are focused purely on teaching chess, while others focus more on gameplay, so make sure you check out each type of chess game! All free online chess games are safe for kids. Find the best 3d chess games online right here... Play against a friend or against computer online.

Most of our fun online free chess games have the ability to adjust the difficulty, so if you are new, try out the beginner settings first. Chess doesn't take very long to learn, but it takes awhile to master! With the adjustable difficulty, you'll be conquering other players in no time!

Game Tip! - Most of our games allow you to move the board around to get a better view. Try looking at several different angles before making your move you so you don't risk losing your pieces!

Random Fun Fact - Our most popular chess game is Chess 3D! Try it today!

If you enjoy Chess, make sure you check out all our Board Games!