Midnight Race is a racing game of endurance! Your car is outta control and you must weave through traffic to not only avoid those in your lane, but cars from oncoming lanes! See if you have the nerves to race through the entire city!

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BallerArcade is dedicated to finding the best car games that are available! Whether you want to practice parking, drive a police car after criminals, or go street racing, you'll find a chance here! You can try out a realistic driving game where you must follow traffic laws, or hit 200 MPH with one of our NASCAR Games!.

There's really no limit to the different types of games we have that are focused on cars and driving. We have games that will challenge you to race through heavy traffic, drive through inclement weather, and much more! Try weaving through traffic to pick up passengers in our Taxi Games, earn the first place spot in our F1 Racing Games, or just learn the different ways certain cars handle in our Car Simulator games!

Random Fun Fact! - When BallerArcade first started accepting racing games, we only focused on cars. It didn't take us long to learn that Truck Games, ATV Games, and other vehicle games were extremely popular and we quickly expanded our game library!