Safely drive your big truck in each construction zone as you try to find a good parking spot in Park My Big Rig 2! Drive tons of different trucks including dump trucks, delivery trucks, monster trucks and cement mixers! Watch out for other trucks, cones, building material and more as you maneuver through some very tight spots!


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Drive some of the biggest trucks around in our 18 Wheeler games! You'll be making deliveries in crowded cities, parking in various truck stops and racing other big rigs around crazy tracks!

We have lots of different types of tractor trailer games, but there are three main categories which are very popular here on BallerArcade! The most common type of truck games is our delivery games. In these games, you'll have to drive around a crowded city in your truck cab and track down your cargo container. Once you hook up your container, you'll have to deliver it to another destination without hitting anyone or without getting in an accident! Sometimes you'll be timed and you'll need to make a fast delivery. Other times it's more important not to damage your truck. Make sure you pay attention to your instructions before you set off!

We also have lots of 18 Wheeler games where you must park your truck in crowded spaces! You'll have to really master the steering of your rig if you want to succeed. Once you attach a trailer or a cargo container, things will become very difficult. Pay attention to your surroundings and see if you can park a massive truck!

Once you get used to driving a semi, see if you can master racing it! You'll have to compete against other drivers as you speed around corners, cut off other trucks, and push towards first place! Don't lose control as you speed down the course!

Game Tip! - Most of our games will let you upgrade your truck after you earn enough in-game points. See if you can save your points so that you can upgrade later!

Random Fun Fact! - 18 Wheeler Games are just a small category compared to all our Truck Games. You'll have lots of options to drive construction vehicles, pickup trucks, monster trucks and more! Also make sure you check out our most popular big rig games; Mad Trucker 3 and Mad Trucker 4!