Help prepare pizzas for all the incoming customers! Drag the ingredients to each pizza depending on the recipe and then put it in the oven. In Pizza Mania the customers can get impatient so you'll have to be quick!

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BallerArcade has tons of fun pizza games for you to try! Whether you want to run a pizzeria, design your own personal pizzas, or just follow a tasty recipe, you'll find the right game here!

Most of our pizza games are very easy to learn! Typically, you'll be given a list of ingredients that you must put together to form the perfect pizza. You'll have to create the dough using eggs, flour, and other yeast. You'll then have to chop pepperoni, onions, and other ingredients for your toppings. Once you have everything prepared, you'll be instructed to bake it for a certain amount of time for the perfect cook! In these games, following the instructions is important, so make sure you pay attention to what you are doing!

Some of the other pizza games found on BallerArcade will challenge your business skills as you run your own pizza restaurant. You'll have to order supplies like different meats and vegetables, serve various customers who all want something different, and also cook the pizzas! You will have to multitask and remember what each person ordered if you want to save enough money to hire help and buy new equipment!

Game Tip! - When making your pizzas, sometimes you'll be given a score on how accurate you are on following directions. In these games, focus on doing things correctly instead of quickly to get more points. In the restaurant games, it may be the opposite. It may be better to be quick and serve several customers than it is to get the perfect pizza cooked!