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Top Rated police chase Games
  • Getaway Game - (89% Like It) You are the driver for a criminal enterprise and you'll have show your skills in Getaway! Wait for instructions of where to pick up your gang after a heist and then drop them off at the safehouse without getting caught! Avoid the cops as best as you can and try not to get busted!
  • Mini Car Hunt Game - (89% Like It) Use your vintage car to knock other classic cars off the road in Mini Car Hunt! Each target will be marked, so make sure you don't damage your car too much on innocent drivers! See how many levels you can make it through!
  • Slam Drift 2 Game - (89% Like It) You have robbed a bank and you need to make a quick escape, but there is a slight problem with your getaway car! In Slam Drift 2, you'll have to drive a beat up Humvee that doesn't have any brakes as you try to escape from the cops! Do tricks, look for areas to perform achievements and see if you can survive!
  • Powerboat Race Game - (88% Like It) Sail through crowded waterways as you chase down international spies in your boat! In V10 Powerboat Race, you'll have to chase down multiple targets and sink their boat by ramming them as much as possible! Make sure you watch the health on your own boat!
  • Summer Racing Game - (88% Like It) You were driving to the beach when someone cut you off! In Summer Racing, you must chase down the groups of cars that are causing problems on the road, and then knock them out! Race through traffic and find each target without destroying your own car!
  • License To Mayhem Game - (88% Like It) Destroy as much as you can as you race your police car through the city streets in License to Mayhem! Race through each level and earn points and achievements as you drive through explosions, obstacles and more! Use the money you earn from each level to buy new police cars and upgrade your parts!
  • Rich Cars 3 Game - (88% Like It) Step on the accelerator and outrun the cops as you search for the stolen money you left behind in Rich Cars Hustle 3! Use the stolen money to buy back the cars that were repossessed while you were on the run! You'll have to do some crazy stunts, shoot some rockets, and use alot of nitrous if you want to outrun the cops!
  • Dirt Racers Game - (88% Like It) Take control of a powerful NASCAR and then chase down your opponents so you can knock them off the road in Dirt Racers! Don't be afraid to knock off other racers, but make sure you don't destroy your own car! The targets will be marked, so make sure you take them out first!
  • Jungle Car Hunt Game - (88% Like It) See if you can survive the deadly Jungle Car Hunt; a race full of aggressive drivers, dangerous obstacles, and much more! Chase down your opponents and knock them off the road at all costs and avoid destroying your car in the process! The Jungle Car Hunt will start with only a enemies, but each level will get progressively more difficult!
  • Spy Car Game - (88% Like It) International criminals have stolen an important element from a secret laboratory and it is up to you to stop them in Spy Car! You'll have to chase after the main thieves, but watch out for their henchmen who will be driving in armored cars and trucks! Earn money from each mission to boost up your weapons and armor on your car!
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