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When it comes to racing games, police racing games are the most popular compared to other modes of racing. Police racing games, from the name itself, are racing games wherein the main character to be played on is a police. But this is not always the case, there are types of this game wherein you can choose to play as a burglar and get chased by the police. Whichever you wanted to be, you will surely get the same rush of adrenaline, thrill and excitement as in most police chase games and in real life scenario as a police or a burglar.

Most police racing games are like the real deal. But there are kinds of these games that have a twist in it. Lose the Heat is a game that has ammunition you can throw at a car in front of you (while racing). Instead of shooting them with real bullets or with real guns, there are some that will let you use a melon, a jackfruit, a pineapple, a pie, a cow's poo and many more. This is a twist that makes the game a little comical. Also, you can plant trap for racers behind you. There are racing games that have dialogue accompanied with it as well. Some of them are obscene signs, gestures and language but these make the game more real like and exciting. Imagine you are a police and a burglar is talking trash at you; you really wanted to outrun them, right? In cases of online versions of this game, you can chat with other players and throw insults as them. Never has racing been this thrilling before.

When it comes to the gameplay and graphics, police racing games are top of the list as well. Since it is one of the most popular types of racing game played, software providers are developing more and more improvement to make the game more realistic and thrilling.

Another comical twist with these games is that you can play as a famous politician, actor, actress or any famous entity. You can even play as the president! Imagine Obama shooting those thieves and burglars. The burglars, on the other hand, can be change to a famous person as well. You can customize it to become Bin Laden, and Abu Sayyaf and many others! These games will surely take that stress out of you! But these types of features are commonly with flash games only – the ones that you can play directly through your internet browser.

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