You are a prison bus driver and you need to deliver the prisoners to their proper destination without being hijacked by bandits! Watch out for other criminals who want to free the prisoners, and make sure your bus has a smooth ride so there are no riots! Use the points you earn from each trip to upgrade your armor, tires, and much more for your bus!

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Pick up and drop off passengers as you weave in and out of traffic in our Bus Games here on BallerArcade! You'll have to carefully navigate through your route as you race through cities, airports, offroad paths and more!

You won't just be facing a standard route as you drive down the road. You'll typically have to avoid accidents, oncoming traffic, and other obstacles as you try to beat each level! Sometimes you'll be timed and other times you'll just have to make it back to the bus depot in one piece!

You won't always be picking up standard passengers in our Bus Games! Pick up survivors as you try to get away from zombies, take prisoners back to jail without having any escape or just race your bus solo as you compete for the fastest track time!

Random Fun Fact! - Prison Bus, and Long Bus Driver 2 are our two most popular bus games with a combined total of 1.5 million gameplays!