Plant a romantic kiss on your girlfriend and make her smile! Play each level and get the kiss just right to progress on to the next!

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Kissing and other dating games have become extremely popular on BallerArcade! Sometimes you'll want to be secretive when kissing, so you'll have to time things perfectly and look for the perfect location. Sometimes you'll be in the middle of class and trying to sneak a kiss while the teacher is not looking, other times it'll be at a party and sometimes it'll be in your own house! There are plenty of fun settings you can choose with our kissing games!

The concept of these games is very simple. The goal is to kiss for a certain amount of time without getting caught. Click the mouse to start the kiss and then keep an eye on your surroundings to make sure you don't get noticed! Parents, pets, teachers and even strangers will try to sneak a peak! If you get caught more than 3 times, you'll have to redo the level! The longer you can kiss, the more points you'll receive! Sometimes you'll need to pick an outfit first before your date, and then you'll get to kiss at the end!

Game Tip! - Most levels are timed, so you'll have to make out for a certain amount of time before the level ends. It's best to play it safe so you don't get caught too many times, but if you don't have much time left, just go for it and hope for the best!

Random Fun Fact! - Dating games and kissing games became very popular starting in 2010! They continue to be a fun challenge that can really test your reaction times and observation skills!