Play the best fun free online sniper games on on your computer today! All sniper internet games are safe for kids.

Stealth and accuracy are the two major skills for a sniper to have and you'll need both if you want to succeed in our Sniper Games! Become a hitman, assassinate mob bosses, or become an army sniper!

Sometimes you'll play as a hitman who must take out evil mob bosses. You'll have to carefully select your rifle, your position and then wait for your target. Each mission will give you a briefing ahead of time which is extremely important! Memorize the target or put the clues together to determine which person you need to take out! Most of the time you'll only get one shot to hit your target, so make sure you don't miss!

As an army sniper, you'll be in charge of taking out dangerous enemy leaders, other snipers and troublesome guards! Most of the time you'll have a good location that will allow you to take several shots without being noticed, but that isn't always the case. Each mission will be different so it's important that you pay attention to both your surroundings and to your orders! The safety of your fellow soldiers is at stake, so make sure you hit your target without being noticed!

Game Tip! - In these games, you'll have to rely mostly on your sniper rifle, but sometimes you'll get a secondary weapon. If you get surrounded, use your pistol for close range, quick shots, but if you have the time, use your sniper rifle! The pistol is also good backup in case you run low on ammo!

Random Fun Fact! - Sniper games probably require the most skill out of any other games on BallerArcade! In some games, you'll have to judge the wind, distance and other factors before taking your shot. You'll have to be observant to make sure you hit the right target as well. You can't run and gun your way through these levels like in some other Shooting Games!