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Sonic is one of the most iconic video game characters and you can play tons of his games right here on BallerArcade! You'll find tons of games featuring Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles and the rest of Sonic's friends (and enemies)!

We have more classic arcade Sonic games where you must help save Green Hill from the evil Dr. Eggman Robotnik. You'll be able to help Sonic collect coins, save the forest animals, and defeat various robotic enemies just like the original arcade game! We also have tons of fan games created by people who love Sonic just as much as you do. In these games, you can bowl, fly, or snowboard with Sonic as he has fun in his off time! Our Sonic games will also have cameos from all your favorite characters including Link, Mario, Megaman and so much more! In these crossover games, you'll be fighting for the future of the videogame world!

Game Tip! - Just like in the original games, collecting coins is very important. If you get attacked while you have coins, you won't lose a life. As soon as you run out coins and get hit, you'll lose a life! Make sure you always have at least a few coins so you don't have to restart the level!

Random Fun Fact! - Sonic the Hedgehog has been around since 1991 and has been featured on BallerArcade since 2007. We're always accepting new Sonic games, so keep coming back for the latest game featuring your favorite hedgehog!