Have your own steampunk wedding in this fun dress up game! Take a step into the technological past and then have the wedding of your dreams! Choose between a more Victorian approach and dress in classic clothes or mix it up with a futuristic look!

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Become a fashion consultant and help pick out outfits for hundreds of different girls, models, and celebrities in our Dress Up Games! You'll often get a full wardrobe of items that you'll need to sort through to find the best looking outfit!

You'll be dressing for all types of events so make sure you pick out something appropriate for each occasion. You'll be dressing for big galas, fun dinner parties, big business meetings, dates with your significant other, movie premieres, weddings and much more. We have 100's of different dress up games that will challenge your fashion sense!

You won't be challenged to one style in our games. Sometimes the girl you will be dressing is a model who has a very trendy and fashionable wardrobe! Other times, you'll be dressing an emo girl who will have a very different style than other girls. Most of the time you'll be dressing a girl just like you! See if you can get some inspiration from their closet for you own outfit ideas!

Our Dress Up Games allow you to experiment with thousands of different styles. Feel free to mix and match things that may not always go together and see how it comes out! You'll even get to create your own clothes in some of our fashion designer games! Our games give you a perfect opportunity to find a new look!

Most of our game are very simple to play! Just click your mouse on the clothes you want and then drag them to the model. To change, you can either drag the clothes back to the closet, or just select a new outfit and the model will change automatically!

Game Tip! - Getting dressed up is only half the battle! Try our Makeover Games and perfect your makeup and hairstyles!

Random Fun Fact! - Dressup games were the first style of Girl Games to come out. They've come a long way and now make up most of our games here on BallerArcade! Graphics, gameplay, and the fashion have come along way since we first created the site!