Top Rated truck Games
  • Heavy Crane Parking Game - (100% Like It) Drive a crane that's meant for extremely heavy objects! Put together trains, planes and more as you collect different pieces from around the construction yard in Heavy Crane Parking! Make sure you don't damage your truck or the cargo!
  • Earn To Die 2012 Game - (90% Like It) Mow down zombies as you try to escape the desert in your suped up vehicle in Earn to Die 2012! Unlock new cars, levels, car parts, and massive guns as you kill more zombies! See how long you can survive before your vehicle breaks down!
  • Monster Truck Trip 3 Game - (90% Like It) Ride offroad in your giant monster truck as you crush buses, cars, trains, and more! In Monster Truck Trip 3 you'll have to drive over several difficult courses as you try to destroy as much as possible! Collect stars and earn points to upgrade your truck!
  • Big Truck 2 Game - (89% Like It) In Big Truck Adventures 2 you must drive your delivery truck to each drop off station without losing all your cargo! Drive through the bumpy farmlands as you deliver packages, water, logs and more. Watch your speed and the crazy hills because if you lose to much cargo it'll be game over!
  • Rage Truck Game - (89% Like It) Take your anger out on the city in Rage Truck by crushing barrels, running over people, and destroying tons of objects in this cool racing flash game! Make sure to continually hit objects to increase your rage meter! See if you can make the evening news by destroying enough stuff!
  • Heavy Trucks Race Game - (89% Like It) Drag race down the dirt roads as you try to beat out the other 18 wheelers in Heavy Truck Race! You'll have to avoid obstacles, collect powerups and focus on maintaining control of your truck if you want to win! Use the money you earn to purchase upgrades and other perks!
  • Park My Big Rig 2 Game - (89% Like It) Safely drive your big truck in each construction zone as you try to find a good parking spot in Park My Big Rig 2! Drive tons of different trucks including dump trucks, delivery trucks, monster trucks and cement mixers! Watch out for other trucks, cones, building material and more as you maneuver through some very tight spots!
  • Earn To Die Game - (89% Like It) In Earn to Die, you must survive the zombie apocalypse and the only way to make it is to drive to the nearest helicopter that is about a mile away! Scrape together car parts, guns, and more as you attempt to reach safety! Run over, shoot, and dismember zombies for extra car part money!
  • Big Foot Go Home Game - (89% Like It) A toy monster truck has been left behind by accident and he needs to find a way back to his rightful owner in Big Foot Go Home! You'll have to find coins to buy upgrades such as better controllers and the ability to go over the speed limit! See if you can complete each challenging level and get back to comfort of home!
  • Tracking World Game - (89% Like It) Travel across the globe as you try to race on some of the rockiest and wildest tracks on Earth! Use the arrow keys to keep your balance and make sure you don't lose your grip! Start in New York and make your way to new countries!
Truck Games
You will find tons of new things to do with our Truck Games! You will have a chance to go offroad and tackle some insane trails, you can rampage through the city and destroy police cars, compact cars, and much more, or you can make deliveries by barreling down the highway at insane speeds! Whatever type of truck driving adventure you like, you will find it here!

Playing off road truck games is one of the best parts of owning a gigantic monster truck! Not only can you crush the trees, rocks, and other obstacles that litter the trail, but you can also make your own trail! Race through forests, climb over mountains and cross through rivers as you try to beat certain challenges! Sometimes you may be racing against the clock, while other times, a rival monster truck maybe trying to take your spot as number one driver! See if you can handle the offroad game chaos!

Occasionally you may have to cut through the city instead of being offroad! Luckily for you, we have urban truck games! Crush cars, destroy hydrants, speed past pedestrians and outrun the cops! You will have to be careful though, because jumping cars at a high speed can cause you to flip over pretty easily and wreck your truck! See how much destruction you can cause before you finally get pulled over by the cops!

Monster trucks games are incredibly fun, but there are other awesome truck games for you to try! Hop into 18 wheeler games and speed down the highway, destroying everything in sight. Load your 18 wheeler with weapons and outrun police cars, helicopters and more! Sometimes you will want to be more cautious and make your deliveries without causing a scene! In this case, drive down the road as fast as you can, but avoid getting pulled over or causing an accident! Your cargo may be sensitive (or even explosive), so be careful when transporting some materials!

If you ever wanted to try being a fireman or a construction driver, then you have come to the right place! Race through cities in our fire truck games and aim your water cannon at buildings which are on fire, or quickly drive to people who need medical help! If you have ever wanted to drive a dump truck, bulldozer, crane, or wrecking ball, then look no further! Load up trucks with dirt, rocks, logs, and more, and then carefully transport them to the dropoff poin in truck loading games! See how much of the original load you can get to the finish line!

Hop into a monster truck and run over cars, mountains and more in our Truck Games! These trucks will allow you to get off the main road and tackle any offroad trail! After you finish trying to race offroad, you can always customize your own car in our Custom truck garage or just race through the city with your mac truck! Either way, you will find tons of truck games to keep you entertained!

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