In Ultimate Drag Racer, you get to build your reputation up in the street racing world by winning races, upgrading cars and showing that you have what it takes to be a champion by burning rubber as drag racer! In Ultimate Drag Racer, you must learn to anticipate the green light, switch gears at the perfect time, and know when to use your extra boosts! Start at the bottom of the racing world with the worst car on the track and slowly move your way up to the high end street races!


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Test your quarter mile time as you race down streets, tracks, and more in our Drag Racing Games! Whether you want to be on a track for an official time, or if you want to race in an underground league, you'll have your option here on BallerArcade!

The goal of a drag race is to start your car at the precise moment when the light turns green and then race against a competitor for a predetermined distance. Not only is it extremely important to have a fast sports car, but it's also important to change gears at the right second so you get the perfect amount of power to push you to the finish line. In our games, you'll have a chance to drive the fastest cars, so it'll be important to get the gear timing right! Make sure you pay attention to the cues in the game to know when to switch your gears!

Most of our games will start you from the most basic car and make you earn the supercharged sports car! Make sure you learn the skills on the beginner cars and use them to win the races once your competitors get more difficult!

Game Tip! - Make sure you pay attention to your tachometer to find when the best time is to switch gears! Typically it'll be a keyboard button to switch up and down gears, so learn those before you start!