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Top Rated war Games
  • War Machine Game - (89% Like It) You are in the middle of the desert and it is up to you to rescue the stranded soldiers! Patrol the city streets and keep on the lookout for each soldier. Make sure run over all the enemies on the way!
  • Frontline Truck Driver Game - (88% Like It) Drive your truck to the frontline of an active warzone! Help by delivering supplies and by bringing wounded soldiers back to the hospital! Turn the tide of the battle in Front Line Truck Driver! Make sure you upgrade your truck as you earn money from each mission!
  • SOS 2 Game - (87% Like It) You are decked out in one of the latest armored trucks on a mission to save a group of soldiers who are stuck behind enemy lines in SOS2! Drive through the warzone avoiding explosive barrels, cars equipped with bombs and much more! Make sure you use your gun to blast through any opposition!
  • Buggy Run Game - (86% Like It) You are the saboteur on the a secret army buggy. Plant the bomb and run away as fast as you can! Try out Buggy Run Proving Grounds and attempt to reach the flag before the bomb detonates or your buggy will be destroyed!
  • SOS Save Soldiers Game - (85% Like It) Its the middle of a war-zone and you are responsible for picking up wounded soldiers using your armored vehicle!
  • War Truck Game - (85% Like It) You are heading to the military base but you first must navigate the city streets in War Truck! Weave through the roads that will be full with debris, armored vehicles and other obstacles! See if you can make it safely back through all 5 levels!
  • Epic Crane Battle Game - (83% Like It) You are a military truck driver and you have been called to duty! In Epic Crane Battle, you must survive a warzone as you drop off weapons to your troops! Watch out for missiles and falling bombs as you make your way around the base! Your soldiers are relying on you, so make sure you drive quickly!
  • Humvee War Zone Game - (83% Like It) Parking can be extremely difficult when you are being shot at! In Humvee War Zone, you must park your Hummer in each spot without being blown up! Use your missiles and bullets to take out tanks and enemy opposition that may get in your way!
  • Military Rush Game - (82% Like It) See how much stuff you can blow up in Military Rush! Choose between an ATV or motocross bike and then fly through each level discharging grenades and land mines. See how many explosions you can get in a row!
  • Buggy Run 2 Game - (78% Like It) You have been held responsible for dropping a bomb off in enemy territory in Buggy Run 2! Get into your buggy and get ready for the ride of your life as you avoid mines, helicopters, and missiles! Don't get take too long because the bomb you dropped off has a short fuse!
War Racing Games
War racing games provide you with the ultimate challenge. Your destitute enemy is desperate. They will do anything in their power to stop you. Not only do you have to race to get to the given destinations, but you also have to dodge massive rounds of ammunition. You are not just a vessel: you are a target. You have to maneuver through battlefields and avoid any more dangers. An army issued tank or a Humvee are the ultimate choices. Equipped with your own ammunition you have the power to fight back. This task is not as easy as it seems, and pot holes are the least of your worries. You have to get past land mines and ruins of battlefields. This job is not for just any civilian. You need to be a solider to take on the enemies’ army and race to the given destination.
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